Q: I don't understand what the fuss is about. Wasn't there supposed to be a game here or something?

A: Let's face it - nobody wears polyester bell-bottoms anymore because they're horribly out of fashion. Similarly, nobody's using a browser as outdated as the one you're using right now for the same reasons.
(Well, unless you're using Lynx or some other text-only browser, in which case I'll simply note that this is a graphical action game and leave it at that).

You'll probably want to get a more modern web browser. Really, pretty much any of them out there will do:

Thanks, and we hope to see you again soon - only without that terribly unstylish web browser. ;)

Object: All NPCs MUST DIE!

All NPCs MUST DIE!™ is written entirely in HTML 5 and JavaScript, and makes extensive use of the new Canvas and Audio functionality in modern browsers. The game engine was written from scratch over a weekend, and has been built on incrementally since then. Performance is strongly tied to the browser's canvas implementation, as drawing is where it typically spends most of its time.

All NPCs MUST DIE!™ is a highly experimental game, using highly experimental browser features. As such, there are some known issues with various popular browsers.

Right now, the best play experience is with: Google Chrome 11 for Windows

Browser compatibility notes (in order of how good the experience is):

All NPCs MUST DIE!™ - © 2010 uTime Games - all rights reserved
ImagePreload library - Matthias Seehauser - http://www.seesle.at - Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License
Sprites, some backgrounds - Antifarea - http://opengameart.org - Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License
Other sound and artwork - Various - courtesy of http://opengameart.org - Public domain
OWL JavaScript Utilities - Oran Looney - http://oranlooney.com - LGPL 3